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NeoWeb provides small business owners a tailored online platform that is easily searchable to enhance their brand/business’ online presence and to CONNECT with their target demographic online. We provide competitive pricing for web development and brand management while prioritizing our clients concerns in a timely manner. We aim to CAPTURE your brand by taking the time to understand your business so that online branding fully reflects the company and product offering. As well, we offer website and social media management services to provide small businesses with insights to keep up-to-date with their online engagement. This is accomplished with our highly skilled team of website developers who are trained to listen to our client’s specific desires to CREATE a representative online brand. 

Why choose neoweb

Our Process

  • Step 1.


    In the initial consultation, the vision for the website or social media platform is discussed including what features are required to fit to your business needs and the initial quote. We aim to understand how your business works, your brand and your competition. With the newest development trends and our team of highly-skilled web developers, we aim to make your business stand out in the online space.

  • Step 2.


    Our web development experts make a personalized design for your small business from the input and media you provided.

  • Step 3.


    After receiving input and ensuring we align with your vision, your new brand, be it a website or new social media platform, is ready to launch.

  • Step 4.


    Your business’ website is made public and ready to be put to use.